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Duram Mask is a leading manufacturer of quality personal escape masks.We have been providing innovative solutions to the chemical, oil, defense and mining industries since 1989. Duram Mask sets a new benchmark in personal safety, specially crafting escape masks that are compact in size, light, and supply ample respiratory protection in emergencies.

At Duram Mask, we strive to develop products that provide the best attainable protection in order to facilitate a rapid and safe evacuation. We heavily invest in R&D to accommodate the evolving needs of our customers, rendering the masks smaller in size and yet more efficient in protection. We are dedicated to producing unprecedented innovation and globally recognized patents that rigorously adhere to international quality standards.

We are proud to be among the world leaders in development of respiratory protection for emergencies. Our masks are tailor-made as per our customers’ needs, and supply adequate and suitable solutions to protect the most important part of any institution or firm – its people.

Duram Masks are currently marketed and distributed worldwide, directly or through our global network of highly reputable distributors. 

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